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ALMO Process Technology is the North American Sales and Service division for Allgaier Process, Mogensen, ALMO ES, and ALMO Engineering - All part of the Allgaier-Group.

Fluid Bed Dryer / CoolerFluid Bed Dryer / Cooler technology has been part of the Allgaier Process range of process equipment for over 40 years. Fluid bed dryers and coolers are suited for wet powders, granules, agglomerates and pellets with an average particle size between 70 microns and 10 mm. The types of industries using Fluid Bed Dryers range from Aggregates and Industrial Minerals, to Chemicals, Glass Recycling, Plastics, Food, Dairy and Pharmaceuticals along with a new group of processing, Nutraceuticals - a combination of Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals.

Allgaier Fluid Beds are some of the most energy efficient in the world, using less energy than almost all other manufactures of Fluid Bed Dryers. This is accomplished by utilization of advanced PLC controls, state of art measurement instruments, and advanced programming. Energy recovery, Fluid Bed Drying of Sandrecirculation of air, predictive controls, robust designs (no cracking of "pans" and under cases like in the other Fluid Bed dryers and no special foundations like in the "shaking" Fluid Bed Dryers), along with more than 2,000 installed units worldwide - ALMO Process has the experience you need for Drying and Cooling.

Contact ALMO Process to find out how much money and energy you can be saving. Save the energy and save your company money - install an Allgaier Fluid Bed Dryer / Cooler.

Videos of Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers

Fluid Bed Drying of Agglomerates Fluid Bed Cooling Limestone Drying and De-Dusting




Rotary Drum Dryer / Cooler

Rotary Drum Dryers /Coolers, sometimes called Rotary Kiln or Calciners are at the core of our technology at Allgaier Process. The well known Mozer ® Rotary Dryer is a main stay in the process industry. Single, double, triple, and quad shell pass technology can allow for efficient drying or drying and cooling in a compact space. 

Rotary Drum Dryers can be used for many industrial drying applications. The range of drying and or cooling applications is long and varied, from wood shavings and chipping, plastics, PVC and CPVC resin, seeds, grains, minerals, cereals, metal chips, crystals, activated carbon, aluminum, aluminum scrap, alfalfa, animal bedding, apple pumice, bagasse, bark, bakery waste, bananas, blood meal, bone, brewers grain, wheat, cattle feed, citrus pulp, charcoal, chocolate powder, coffee roasting, compost, distiller's grain DDGS, feather meal, fish scrap, fruit and vegetable waste, iron fillings, iron oxide, kaolin, kelp, lactose, coal and lignite, mustard seed, Rotary Drying of Mineralspaper pulp, peat moss, pharmaceuticals, potato products, sawdust, sludge, seaweed, sodium bicarbonate, soybean meal, tobacco, and so many more.

At the core of the Allgaier Rotary Drum Dryer and Cooler technology is an understanding of energy efficiency and process application. The Allgaier Rotary Drum Dryers are some of the most efficient and also can be very gentle on your products. Our Rotary Drum Dryers can use even less energy by using waste heat or even using burners that use waste for energy. Additionally, Evaporative Cooling is available for the first time in a Rotary Drum Dryer!

Dispersion Dryer Drying of Cuttings and Wood Waste Limestone Drying and De-Dusting 

Glass Optical Sorter Mogensen AFOptical Sorters are primarily used to sort by color, shape and size.  Applications range from glass cullet (crushed recycled glass), to plastics (PVC, PE, PET), food and vegetables,  crystals, and pharmaceuticals (tablets).

For the sorting of recycled glass ware, e.g. hollow glass 5 - 60 mm, flat glass 8 - 40 mm, fine flat glass 0,5 - 8 mm, Mogensen offers 4 different types of high speed optical sorters. 

The MikroSort ® AX is specially designed for the sorting of large quantities of rejected material and recycled hollow glass ware within a particle range of 5 to 60 mm.

Recycling glass makes different demands on automatic sorting systems. The material is hardly ever washed, is often wet due to outdoor storage and contains, in addition to the actual undesired colors and CSP (ceramic material/stones/porcelain), a lot of other fine material, paper and organic residues are present. For the end product, however, even the finest differences must be detected, i.e. it must be possible to tell white from light green, ceramic fragments from white glass with paper labels and chocolate residues from brown glass.Glass Optical Sorter System

In order to meet these requirements, the material is detected in free fall and by means of a special illumination. Contamination by fine material and paper is minimized by appropriate measures and all relevant areas are equipped with automatic cleaning systems. The Mogensen Optical Sorter MikroSort ® system is ideal for large throughputs of up to 40 tph in a single optical sorter.

The Mogensen MikroSort ® AF can sort smaller glass than any other sorter on the market and at high rates. Accuracy of +99.5% and sizes from 1 mm+. Contact ALMO Process for discussions on your application.

Videos of Optical Sorting

CSP Removal Color Sorting of 3-Mix Sorting of Fines from +1 mm

Optical Sorters:

Screener Machines, Screening Machines, Tumbler ScreenerScreeners and Separators from Allgaier Process are typically used for wet or dry separations by size. Since different technologies require different types of screeners, sifters or separators, Allgaier Process has developed over the past 60+ years separation, sifters and sieving machinery that can be utilized for aggregates, sand, minerals, grains, plastics, chemicals, fine chemicals, food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, metals, ore, coal, and just about any process that needs to separate by size.

Unlike some manufacturers, Allgaier Process has developed nearly every type of screener, sifter and separator machinery type including linear, inclined, Vibrating Screener, Tumbler Screenerhorizontal, gyratory, tumbler, round, rectangular, flow thru, slim line, multi deck, decks with cleaning balls, ultrasonic cleaning decks, heated screen decks and air assisted cleaning decks. The range of materials screened and separated is from 40 micron to 10 inches, and throughputs of small kg/hr to 100's of tons per hour.

The Allgaier Tumbler Screener is unique in that it combines the action of a Vibrating Screener with the action of a Gyratory Screener. The result: high throughputs and unheard of accuracy in a small footprint.

Videos of Allgaier Screeners

Tumbler Screener - Limestone Gyratory Screener

Tumbler Screener Run Test Multi balance



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See our specialized websites for each type of machinery or browse through our site here for a general overview of the machines ALMO Process Technology offers. - Tumbler, Inclined, Vibratory, Gyratory, Scalping Screeners - Fluid Bed, Rotary, Rolling BEd, Dispersion, Flash, Indirect - every type of dryer! - Specific for the Limestone Industry - Sorting by density difference in the material - Mogensen Screeners and Sizers - Mogensen Sizers and Feeders - Optical Sorting